Frequently Asked Questions

Blowing the whistle on misconduct will help SIG continue to be a safe, fair, and honest place to work. Misconduct will have a negative impact on our workplace and reputation. By reporting the misconduct, you can help the Company to minimize various misconduct within our workplace.

You are recommended to provide your identity, at least providing your address/telephone/handphone/ facsimile/email. However, it is all up to you whether you choose to remain anonymous or not. At times you may not be able to remain anonymous as your identity may be apparent to SIG from the information given to us. The identity of the whistleblower will be kept confidential by SIG Bersih, unless the whistleblower chooses to reveal it.

The whistleblower may also choose to remain anonymous. Every effort will be made not to reveal the identity to the extent feasible and permissible under the law.

Telephone calls to SIG Bersih hotline are not recorded. You will be asked by SIG Bersih to provide your identity. Your report will be known in addition to the reference number as well as your identity given to SIG Bersih

Any suspected incidents involving all people of SIG such as:

  • Fraud
  • Theft / Taking / Embezzlement / Deception
  • Conflict of interest and Abuse of Authority
  • Bribery / Gratification
  • Violation of Code of Ethics / Unethical Behavior
  • Data and Information Confidential Leakage
  • Violation of the Applicable Regulation and Law

Tell SIG Bersih as much as you can when you blow the whistle on misconduct. For example:

  • Names of people involved
  • Names of any witnesses
  • Date, time and location of the incident(s)
  • Chronology of the incident(s)
  • Details of evidence (if any)
  • Total loss (value) (if any)
  • Frequency of incident(s)
Most cases reported are uncovered through tips from honest and caring people who are not fully certain of the facts. That is perfectly all right. We do not expect you to know every detail. Reporting what you know is sufficient.

A whistleblower could assist in providing additional information during the investigation phase and if necessary, he/she can become a witness during further legal action phase. If you have any new or additional information, or would like to make any amendments to your report, you can contact us at any time and mention the Reference Number given at the beginning you submit the report.

For your information, SIG does not have any obligation to disclose the result of the investigation to you.

A SIG Bersih will provide a report to the WBS team of SIG within maximum 2 (two) business days after your contact. In the event of life-threatening cases, we will inform the SIG WBS team immediately.
You can contact SIG Bersih as many times as you wish to report any suspected corporate wrongdoing.
The information reported to SIG Bersih is forwarded to the SIG WBS team who is responsible to address misconduct. If the Team decides that corrective action is necessary, they may notify the appropriate law enforcement agency when appropriate.
Whether there is an investigation depends on a number of factors such as information provided, details of incident(s), documentation and the policy of SIG. The SIG WBS team will decide on the action required when they receive the report.
When you send the report to SIG Bersih, we will collect information about the whistleblower and anyone else involved in the conduct provided by the caller.
SIG Bersih will consider the most appropriate ways to use or disclose any personal information provided as far as it can assist in dealing with the disclosure.