What to report?

Types of information you need to provide when reporting a suspected incident of misconduct should include:

  • Names of people involved;
  • Names of any witnesses;
  • Date, time and location of incident(s);
  • Details of any proof;
  • Amount of money or assets involved;
  • How often the incident has happened.

This service is confidential and you will not be required to reveal your identity unless you choose to do so. You should provide as much information as possible to facilitate any subsequent action or investigation.

Types of Incidents

1. Corruption

The act of enriching oneself or people who have special relationships by abusing their position and power.

2. Bribery

The act of giving or receiving any form of something from another party related to his/her position/authority/responsibility in the company.

3. Gratification

The act of giving or receiving any form of something from an opposition party who owns the authority or responsibility related to public interest.

4. Conflict of Interest

A conflicting situation between personal and/or group and/or family interests and the economic interests of the Company.

5. Theft

An act of obtaining goods which are fully or partly owned by another person with the intent to possess it in a way that is against the law.

6. Cheating (Unfairness)

An act of dishonesty or deception which causes potential losses or actual losses to the company.

7. Violation of Laws and Company Regulations

An act of violation that is subjected to sanctions according to the applicable legal provisions, both internally and externally.

8. Code of Conduct Violation

An action or deed which violates the Company's code of ethics.

9. Data Leak

An act of violation in the form of leaking the data to inappropriate parties, so that it can harm, damage, or pose a risk to the Company.

10. Company Accounting and Financial Reporting Violations

Violations of accounting principles and processes, capital market regulations regarding financial statements, tax provisions and other similar provisions, as well as fraudulent acts or anything that may cause financial losses to the Company.