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SIG Bersih

Whistleblowing System

PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (SIG) understands the importance of implementing corporate governance. In enhancing Company values into behavior and business ethics in accordance with corporate governance principles, SIG collaborated with an independent party, Integrity Indonesia, inviting all employees and stakeholders to participate in monitoring the Company's activities by launching SIG Bersih.

SIG Bersih is an independent whistleblowing service professionally managed by Integrity Indonesia that gives you an opportunity to report, either anonymously or non-anonymously, any fraud or wrongdoings in the work environment.

If you have information of such wrongdoings happening in SIG, see or suspect something that is not right, such as:

  • Fraud
  • Theft / Taking / Embezzlement / Deception
  • Conflict of interest and Abuse of Authority
  • Bribery / Gratification
  • Violation of Code of Ethics / Unethical Behavior
  • Data and Information Confidential Leakage
  • Violation of the Applicable Regulation and Law

Don't turn a blind eye, do not keep silent. We encourage you to report it via SIG Bersih to help make SIG a fair, safe, and honest place to work.